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Benefits of Online Ordering App for Businesses

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May 17, 2021

The impact of covid-19 affects many businesses to run their business smoothly. However, the advances in technology make many businesses have used an Online Ordering Application or moved to the so-called online-based business so that their venture can continue to run smoothly. Many business industries have used online ordering app such as retail, food & beverages, service, and others.

As a solution to the current trends of the utilization of an online ordering application in businesses creates a flow where people prefer to follow the trend. One word to describe an online app is PRACTICAL. However, this still does not guarantee that people will see this as an advantage to its business for using these online applications.

So let us discuss the benefits for customers and businesses when using an online ordering app in the food and beverage industry!

Easy to Access 

Usually, it takes people to call to order their food or going to the place itself to take away food and drinks that they want. Because there are times when we are too lazy or feel like staying at home. Heavy traffic can likewise be the cause or other things that are not allowing them to leave. This reason makes them prefer to stay and not to buy some things themselves. Clearly, for ordering food and beverages, this is not the best solution for people with a busy lifestyle. Now, you don’t have to think about that anymore! An Online Ordering Application can help you to order anywhere and anytime! With the presence of an application that can help your business, it makes it easier for a business owner to increase their sales and brand, and also help the customer to order easily!


Loyalty Points for customers

The increasing number of competition in a business field makes a business owner create solutions or ways to keep their businesses to run stably. One of the best solutions is that the business owner needs to apply a loyalty point. Why? Loyalty points can help a venture retain a good relationship with a customer. Usually, there are many forms of the point that we can give to customers like discounts, rewards, gifts, rebates, and others. Using this method can keep customers to order and buy more of your product by offering them discounts or any form of reward. And it does not close the possibilities and opportunities for your business to acquire new customers. 


Saving customer data

By keeping a record of each customer who orders, you can identify what they like to get and make them keen on your products. That way, you can immediately provide recommendations when they are buying or ordering more from you. This allows you to know trends that can help you to create promotions, menu based on trends, and figure prices for your products. Besides that, when you collect customer’s information you can contact them about new product offers and other tempting promotions.


Increasing your brand reputations 

When we go to a restaurant, it is a common thing to see staff make mistakes when customers are ordering and when the foods are being served. At times it can make a negative impact on the business brand. However, customers can get control of what orders they made by using the mobile ordering app. Owners can gain total control of everything , from staff to delivery to ensure that food will be appropriately served to customers and reach safely. In another way, online ordering applications can rescue you from negative branding! When your customers have a wonderful experience when ordering without any errors and mistakes, it can raise a positive response from them to your business which can be promoted by using reviews and ratings.


No hustle transactions

Having our online ordering system can help your day to day operational run efficiently. Also, make the transaction easier in a business. In other words, when customers order through an online app, it goes right away through your POS system. 


What are you waiting for! Build your Online Ordering App with Abacus!

Abacus has many features that we can offer to a business and business owner. One of our proud features is the Online Ordering App. With Abacus Online Ordering Application, you can do all of the things that are mentioned above in the article. If you want to start your business online-based and consult for your business needs, contact us at sales@abacuspos.co.id. 





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