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It’s your menu.

Make your own e-menu with beautiful images of your own.


Show off your venue

Select an image to show guests as they load your menu, and let them choose their own order type.


Your own menu

Showcase your delicious offerings in a menu along with a simple description to fill their appetite.


Real-time for everything

Let’s make everything much easier with real-time ordering and all the information updates.

Works with your venue, just the way it is

Works with your venue, just the way it is.

Sold outs

Quickly mark an item as sold out in an instant, avoiding guest disappointment.

Order types

Choose your oder types at your convenient, whether you provide delivery or not, update it straight away.

Real-time menu updates

e-menu automatically changes menus & pricing as often as you need it to.

Menu options

Let your customer to build their own menu? Burgers with a lot of different choices of meat, sauces and veggies? not a problem anymore.

POS integration

POS integration on a whole new level.

Compliments your existing POS

Get dockets, track your inventory and report your daily tackings in POS – just like you’re used to. No tablet or app required.

Print dockets like you’re used to

E-menu orders print & display in your POS just like regular orders. Run your kitchen, just like you do today.

Stay in sync

E-menu stays up to date with your POS. Changed some prices or removed last seasons offerings? We’ll let you know so you can keep taking orders.

Multiple printers? Sorted

Multiple kitchens or printers? No worries. Your dockets will print exactly where you expect them to.

Data that’s good for the bottom line.

Build your mailing list

Grow your reach when your guests select to be added to your mailing list & receive future promotions.

Payments portal

Get hourly updates on how your venue is performing. View todays takings, orders & compare with your previous activity.

Instant feedback

Guests can rate their experience every time they dine with you, so you know exactly how things are going.

It’s your data

What’s selling and when? Identify dining trends with aggregated data that you can use to monitor your COGS or location marketing opportunities.


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